For next-gen content creation


Virtual Director's Toolkit

Combines real-time motion capture and real-time rendering technologies that allow directors to see a virtual performance on a virtual set as if it was live action, significantly reducing iteration times on set and enabling directors to make better creative and production decisions.

Faceware Live

Faceware Live 4 Unreal Engine

Is best in class markerless, realtime facial motion capture software made for today’s animation professionals. Live produces facial animation in realtime by automatically tracking a performer’s face and instantly applying that performance to a custom character.    


Virtual Camera

It is a powerful virtual production tool that allows the user to view the computer-generated environment rendered in real time through the camera view finder, LCD monitor and virtual reality headset.


Trance Virtual Production

We are entering into a joint venture with Noitom Motion Pictures, leading provider of low-cost motion capture and virtual production technologies. Trance is a powerful management platform that brings together the various hardware and software components involved in virtual production into a singular software platform, allowing for a vastly streamlined on-set management workflow.


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