Real-time virtual sync, review and collaboration

BeeHive is a collaborative, virtual scene syncing, editing and review solution, built to streamline the real-time exchange of data between cameras, DCC applications and your game engine of choice. A complete virtual production toolkit, BeeHive lets you review and modify assets, troubleshoot lighting and FX, check your actors face and body performance in real-time, do scene modifications, even build entire worlds from scratch for VR experiences and collaborate with your team whether on site or remotely.

Visualise and collaborate across your entire virtual production shoot with a toolkit built to meet the needs of today's virtual directors, cinematographers and artists. Coming soon for Unreal Engine and Unity 3D.

Faster, automated virtual production workflows for filmmakers

BeeHive takes conventional iteration workflows for 3D content creation to the next level, by making familiar collaboration techniques more efficient, faster and real-time through the power of game engines. Enabling live modification of assets and visualisations in 3D, BeeHive removes the inefficiencies associated with manual import and export processes and streamlines the review and iteration process for real-time production.

Powerful multi-scene syncing, editing and review

BeeHive removes the bottleneck of working in one instance of your preferred game engine by enabling collaborative working for entire virtual production teams across multiple workstations, even those connected remotely. Powerful multi-scene syncing, editing and review tools ensure your team can distribute work to maximise creative and computational efficiency, whilst still collaborating in real-time without losing or overwriting work.

Non-destructive data management and versioning

BeeHive provides a central database that saves project and version history for your end-to-end virtual workflow. Ensuring all users can view the history and properties of every asset in detail, and move between them without limitations, BeeHiveā€™s non-destructive interface with Unreal, Unity and Maya delivers the confidence of traditional data management workflows to real-time. BeeHive also delivers robust version handling, common to real world best practices and open for integration of existing studio frameworks.

Behind the scenes: Testing out Beehive collaboration ideas with our friends at The Third Floor

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We're always on the look out for users to help test out our latest ideas and developments. Beehive will soon be going into beta and we'd love to hear from you if you're interested in taking part. Apply for the beta now.

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